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Lessons on Love, Sharing, & Hygiene

by The Capitalist Kids

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  • Pick up the LP and the t-shirt and save a couple bucks!

    Includes unlimited streaming of Lessons on Love, Sharing, & Hygiene via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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On My Mind 02:36
you’ve been on my mind for a long, long time and I wanna tell you something I think you and I should hang out sometime and I am not bluffing maybe we could go see a movie at the Alamo Roadhouse with Master Pancake do me a kindness, say yes, because anything less would cause my heart to break I’m aware that I can be kind of shy and I’m a bit nervous around you but if I get to work my charm on you you’ll fall for me, yeah, you’re bound to and pretty soon now you’re gonna wonder how you ever lived before you met me lower that eyebrow, I’ve got it all figured out now you don’t have to worry about a thing at all such a shock to find I was on your mind and I think it’s really something kind of blows my mind, planets have aligned now let’s get down to the loving maybe we could go to an island way off the coast live a life of solitude and happiness have a couple kids tell them not to do the things we did and then hold hands and wait for death
even though you’re so smart sometimes you feel kinda dumb hang around with me you’ll feel smarter by comparison when you get depressed because this world is a shitpile I will be right there to help you crack a smile and you know I couldn’t ever love anyone else so you know I’m never gonna leave you by yourself I’m here for you-ooh-ooh when your day at work is long and filled with frustration you need to blow off steam with someone I will be that one when you’re tired and hungry and you just don’t want to cook I won’t hesitate to open that phonebook [chorus] ‘cause you’re everything a man could ever want at least if that man happens to be me and you’re everything that I’ve been looking for and you’re everything that I wish I could be I’m here for you through thick and thin so stop resisting, just give in to happiness because this just might be as good as it gets now I may not be too good at most things, yeah it’s true but I’m pretty great at being devoted to you so, for what’s it’s worth you know that we’ve got each other no obstacle too great for Team Eagle Thunder [chorus]
rail against any welfare for the poor but when it comes to you, you only want more and you don’t give a second thought the those whose homes have been foreclosed and I don’t wanna hear another word from you elite class above the whole nation balk at the mere idea of regulation need a bailout, call your government friends taxes prop you up, cycle begins again Americans are left out in the cold you got a parachute of gold and I don’t wanna hear another word from you are the ones I hate the most capitalism’s walking ghosts moving pieces of paper around all rewards are privatized and all the risks are socialized our eyes are open now we might just bring you down but you know you got everybody fooled don’t have to play by any rules and you don’t wanna hear another word from me
I remember our first date the jukebox picks you played met my approval, yeah you had taste the obvious Ramones, but also Undertones I knew you weren’t just a pretty face eventually we were wasted and singing They Might Be Giants underneath the moon and that’s when I knew that I wanted a second date with you I remember our second date the bowling alley had a 2 hour wait so we just walked to some shitty bar and as we sat and talked found out you bused and walked to protest the war you sold your car and quickly I began to see that the more I learned, the more I liked about you and that’s when I knew that I needed a third date with you too I remember our third date the vegetable pot pie you made was wonderful, and my crush grew I got to finally watch Simpsons dvd’s with the girl with the Hellfish tattoo and the next morning we went out for brunch and then down to the lake before you had to leave too soon and that’s when I knew that I wanted ten million dates with you
Ayn, Ayn, Ayn such a remarkable mind novelist, philosopher, sociopath combined she was born in old St. Petersburg, Alisa Rosenbaum moved out to America, made Hollywood her home wrote some books influenced crooks like Clarence Thomas and Alan Greenspan the darling of the rightwing fundamentalists, Ms. Rand Ayn, Ayn, Ayn the critics were so unkind they didn’t see your genius you thought that they were blind but Ayn, Ayn, Ayn your books sold just fine and flying in the face of logic, sales have not declined now we’re seeing a resurgence in your popularity but it’s a shame to think about all of the better books that people could read Ayn, Ayn, Ayn it’s so hard to devine how you’ve fooled so many people for such a long, long time after all these many years still garnering new fans carrying around the Foutainhead pronouncing your name “Ann” holy heck! now Glenn Beck plugs your books on his show I didn’t think that his viewers could read but you never know Ayn, Ayn, Ayn protagonists with spine the spoils go to the supermen, the rest can wait in line Ayn, Ayn, Ayn Objectivism defined as fuck everyone else, as long as I’ve got mine
Broken World 01:53
we have no moral compass no fucking common sense bound and gagged our consciences locked them in our basements we live in a world of imbalance and disparity where one’s manipulation serves another’s greed some people live in comfort others suffer, bleed, and die we’re too hard and cynical to question why it’s a broken world we live in a world of escapism a world of fantasy we spend our every minute running from reality we spend our whole lives searching for small pockets of light occasionally work for what we think is right in this broken world
these corporations are great see, look, their logos are green free market capitalism is gonna save everything I see that look on your face I know that you have your doubts but if you’d only have faith the market will work it out you see we realized we’ve raped the planet and now we’re fucked but some genius will find a way to make some big bucks off of turning it all around and then we’ll turn it all around corporations are your friends just put all your faith in them corporations have the R and D and your best interests at heart and though they may not all be saints they’re what made this country great corporations are your friends so kick back, consume, and wait these companies are so great see, look, their products are green now we can shop our way out of this whole crisis thing the more products we buy the better we feel like when we’re driving a shiny hybrid automobile you know we realize we’ve pushed the planet up to the brink but the system will correct itself so don’t even think about burning it all to the ground because we’re turning it all around [chorus]
New Start 01:27
trying to make it through the long sober night my girl’s away so I can not hold her tight I bet if she were here she could convince me everything is all right I really thought I was falling apart she came along and I got a new start I get the funny feeling that she’s never gonna break my heart she’s so great, I’m outclassed in every way shooby-doo, it’s too good to be true I need a tube or two of super glue so I can glue her to me today how did I land such a dynamite dame? how can she stand me when I am all lame? 2000 miles away I’m left alone to kiss a picture frame she’s so great, I’m outclassed in every way her boyfriend was an asshole now she’s the queen of my castle we get on the floor and wrassle while we drink until we pass out
I never dreamed that I’d get you but then I did and now it seems like all I do is wait here for the other shoe to drop upon my head when you tell me we’re through I’ve failed at everything that I have ever tried I’ve always been a loser in the world’s cold eyes but now I must confess I’ll have to reassess because I won your heart, a most sought-after prize when two attempt to fuse to one it always ends up easier said than done treacherous roads must be traversed ultimately we’re each alone in the universe but since it’s you, I’ll keep on tryin’ to break on through and get behind these walls you manage to construct relationships can be a trial but what we have is so worthwhile we’ll pull it off with any luck please don’t give up on you and me
irrationality has come to rule the day what year is this? I can’t believe the shit you say you know that you’re being manipulated, man? you’re a sucker and this system is a scam Socialism ain’t a dirty word despite the things you might have heard we’re out of work or we’re overworked and overstressed in decline and still believing we’re the best and no other system will ever be allowed slander me with Socialist and I’ll be proud
Weasel 01:17
I always admired you for all your catchy hooks but I was there the night you chose to throw that hook at that girl’s jaw and we all saw what a piece of shit you are well, we were well aware that you were a total asshole I guess we never figured you could sink so low through the Scott Inn fences I saw you lose your senses and what a piece of shit you are what kind of punker thinks that hitting women is fun? I’d like to see you weasel your way out of this one you were such a huge influence on our musical style but I don’t think we’ll cover “Leather Jacket” for a while now we all know woah-oh-oh-oh what a piece of shit you are
Luckiest 02:36
when she’s around I wanna kiss her and when she’s not, then I just miss her I try so hard just not to piss her off ‘cause I don’t wanna do that it took too long for me to find her no one could ever treat me kinder with every new day a reminder of just how lucky I am I know that I am the luckiest guy to have her in my life I know that I am the luckiest guy she said she’d be my wife now all I wanna do is hold her and let her rest her head upon my shoulder and maybe one day when we’re older we’ll put some babies in her now I’m aware that overpopulation is creating quite a scary situation but it could only benefit the nation if her genes were allowed to carry on [chorus]
[This song is tricky to credit. In 1930 Alfred Hayes wrote a poem titled “I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night”. In 1936 Earl Robinson put the poem to music. In 1990 Billy Bragg recorded a version of the song with just a vocal track where he changed the lyrics to be about Phil Ochs. This is the version we are covering, adding our own music behind it. There you go.]
Three-Oh 03:53
standing on a rooftop on a summer evening hanging out watching bird flocks hearing nighthawks all alone just thinking about where it was I’d ended up what I had not done with my life weighing what was wrong and what was pretty much all right thinking ‘bout the drinking and sobriety thinking about my fear of therapy and my fear of let’s be honest here of pretty much everything melancholy but I’m fine just constant chaos in my mind I know that everybody fights battles of their own kind even if nothing goes my way I live to fight another day never forgetting I could be in a much worse place and I may define myself more by what I don’t do I’ve made it to 30, I know I’ll never be like you I’m not all that I want to be but I know who I am and I’ve got time and I’m ok
Ericacoustic 00:28
come and hold me, one and only ‘cause I love you so much and I’m missing the electicity that happens when we touch hands ey ey Erica tell me where in the world have you been all my life I’ve waited for you oh oh Erica you know there was a time when I used to think that dreams did not come true


It's pretty rare that we fall in love with a band on first listen, but that was exactly the case when Austin, TX's The Capitalist Kids sent us their new recording. It's really hard not to get sucked in by the familiar pop-punk hooks first made popular by Lookout! Records bands like Green Day and The Mr. T Experience, but the new recording really had us yelling "Hell yes!" when the third song, "Parachute of Gold", kicked in with it's socially critical lyrics. It's easy to find a pop-punk band that can write a catchy song about a new or lost love, but when they can seamlessly flow between a song like that and a song about the growing income gap in this country, it's a really, really special thing. Other often neglected topics in the genre that can be found on this album include the cold-hearted Ayn Rand, Socialist as badge of honor, and the disappointment and anger at famous punk rockers punching women. Don't worry traditionalists, songs about girls are abundant as well.


released June 20, 2012


all rights reserved



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